Afro Surf Vol. 2 - Jovi Nkosi, BCUC

Afro Surf Vol. 2 - Jovi Nkosi, BCUC

Posted by Mami Wata on May 15, 2020

Bantu Continua Uhuru Consciousness, more simply known as BCUC, are one of the most exciting bands to emerge from the Motherland in recent years. Born out of Soweto, South Africa, their live shows bring a rhythmic cacophony of voices, whistles, bass, percussion, and guitar, that physically moves and liberates audiences in many different ways: energetically, musically and emotionally. They literally channel their music straight from the ancestors challenging the myopic views of modern Africa. They are an act to be experienced.

As frontman Jovi Nkosi puts it: “We see ourselves as modern freedom fighters who have to tell the story of Soweto’s past, present and future to the world.” Who better to curate Mami Wata's second Afro Surf playlistJump in

We caught up with Jovi Nkosi in lockdown below. 

Mami Wata: What does Afro Surf sound like?

Jovi Nkosi: For me, it sounds like a guitar after a long day's work, with friends watching the sea as the sun sets, along with vocal freestyling as the surfers ride the last waves. 

Which is your favourite track in the playlist?

Bella Shmurda: Vision 2020

Where in Africa would you most like to visit/play and why?

Nigeria, at The Shrine because that is where Fela Kuti was born. 

Tell us about your relationship with the sea.

For me, the sea is where I go to cleanse myself of my biggest emotional challenges. The sky is omnipresent in my daily life, then for me, the sea is the second most vast place I can experience and not question that I will never know or understand creation.

During a show, what’s your favourite moment?

I really don't have a specific moment but there is a time where I don't remember who I am or what I hoped to archive. The moment when I am just experiencing the moment in real-time and being taken by the magic of music.

Oh, also when I feel like "this moment was written before I was born and I was created to be where I am now".

 How has Covid-19 affected you guys?

It has hit us real bad because I miss the band and this has been the longest I have never seen BCUC since the band's inception. 

How are BCUC handling the crisis?

We are handling it like champions because we can't change the situation that we find ourselves in.

We are also handling it like immature amateurs because we feel like this whole thing is unfair and we are looking for someone to blame. 🤣

All in all, we are happy and fortunate to be alive.

What do you think the world will look like after?

We never were good at predicting thus we always just went with the wave and trusted that we will end up where we were meant to be.

So we don't know what it will look like but what we know is that we are all going to be alright. 

What about Africa is exciting you?

The ability for Africa to come out of any challenge as a positive and culturally diverse but resistant people.

As Africans, we always have the "we have been through worse" attitude. That excites and gives me hope. 


Words: Andy Davis 
Photographs: BCUC

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