Meet Luck Pierre, Ngor Island

Meet Luck Pierre, Ngor Island

Posted by Mami Wata on April 30, 2020

Meet Luck Pierre Ndaye the coffee man of Ngor Island. His kiosk overlooking Ngor right, is the launch point for one of Dakar, Senegal's most popular waves. He serves coffees known as Café Touba, and curios to the passing surf trade. On a normal day, the place will be swarming with traveling surfers, surf schools and local rippers all seeking their daily stoke from the nuggety runners over the urchin encrusted reef. 

As you can imagine, the Covid-19 crisis has all about destroyed Luck Pierre's livelihood.

Mami Wata ambassador Alan van Gysen chatted to Luck Pierre on a recent trip to Senegal and enjoyed one of his, as Alan describes: "super strong coffees” and conducted a short interview.

Luck Pierre has made a living in Ngor for the last 29 years. He’s from the Serer tribe, and is originally from a small island near Joal Fadiout, a town further South down the Senegalese coast. A djembe player by trade, he came to Ngor to teach djembe to a group French students for 5 days and remained. He became a disciple of M'Baye Fall, a Muslim sect popular in West Africa, that values hard work as an expression of their piety. Members of the Baye Fall dress in colourful clothes, wear their hair in dreadlocks which are called 'ndiange' meaning strong hair. 

Luck Pierre's coffee and curio kiosk is a popular landmark of the Ngor surf community. Through Mami Wata's Elbow Project we want to help grassroots African surf entrepreneurs affected by the Covid-19 crisis, so we're donating 100% of our profits to support people like Luck Pierre.

Over to you. Let's bump it!

Words: Andy Davis

Photographs: Alan van Gysen


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