We started Mami Wata because of love 
and belief. Our love for surfing, design and Africa. Our belief in the power of 
African surf.

“Mami Wata” is West African pidgin English literally meaning ‘Mama Water’… ‘Mother Ocean’ if you prefer. From Madagascar to Morocco, Liberia to Mozambique, Mami Wata is the African water spirit who appears in the shape of a mermaid. It is said that those who she takes for her lovers, return with a new spirit and become more successful and good looking.

She is a symbol of fertility, a protector of women and children, a guardian of sea creatures and natural environments.

Our focus is on:

Manufacturing in Africa

We design and manufacture all of our products in Africa to create jobs and build skills in the Motherland. Creating jobs grows economies. Growing economies creates jobs. It’s a virtuous circle. We aim to feed it.

Supporting Waves For Change

Waves for Change is a world-leading African surf therapy organisation reaching over 1000 kids a day through their programs and projects. They are improving lives through the Power of African Surf and we support them.

Strengthening African surf tourism aka Afrosurfonomics!

Quality waves and a surfing culture delivers considerable economic, social and environmental values to local communities. We aim to inspire surfers from around the world to come surf in Africa and we want local communities benefit.

We want to connect people to the power of Africa surf and that’s what we spend our time on at Mami Wata HQ (in addition to checking the surf report).

Please feel free to come and have a Congo Black coffee and chat at our store

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